illixa PRE Stud Spanish Horses (Andalusian Horses)

Our Purebred Spanish Horses

The Pura Raza Española (PRE) or Andalusian as many people know them is the traditional purebred Spanish horse, typified by the stallions’ long flowing manes and muscular neck. The PRE or Andalusian has been recognised as a breed since the 15th century, prized by nobility and has changed little over the centuries, maintaining their distinctively compact, strongly built yet elegant conformation.

However there are differences between the many bloodlines, both in conformation, movement and performance, some of which may not be immediately apparent. Different purebred Spanish bloodlines and PRE studs produce unique traits, and depending upon the ‘function’ you wish your Andalusian to fulfil, some PRE bloodlines and types maybe better suited than others.

At illixa PRE Stud we have endeavoured to strike a balance between maintaining the traditional and correct ‘true to type’ characteristics and conformation of the purebred Spanish horse, whilst marrying those with straight, extended and elevated movement.

We have handpicked purebred Spanish horses (PREs) from many of the finest bloodlines and studs. International SICAB champion Spanish horses, Calificado stallions and mares, JRR DC ‘Young Recommended Reproducer for Dressage’ and those which display exceptional movement.

Our purebred Spanish horses are not simply PRE stallions at stud and broodmares; our horses are functional Spanish horses which actively compete both in the showing arena and in dressage competitions. The ridden horses also enjoy a variety of activities including hunting, jumping and cross country.

Check out our purebred Spanish horses below, you can filter between mares, stallions, youngstock and find PRE purebred Spanish horses for sale.