Hebreo GT

Hebreo GT

By Morisco XIII out of Hebrea LXIV





For Sale, Youngstock
About This Project

About this Purebred Spanish Horse (PRE)

We call our (not-so) little golden boy Hero, standing above his peers and with his iridescent coat, he’s a head-turner. Currently staying at circa 160cm (15.3hh) he’s got plenty of growing to do (both parents are 16.3hh)

As a buckskin purebred Spanish horse (PRE or Andalusian horse) he carries one copy of the cream gene, carried down from his sire’s famous Paco Marti breeding to produce his distinctive golden coat. His dam’s sire and grandsire are both calificado horses from Candau Stud, which is one of the foremost brands and a precursor for a special horse.

Still quite a rare colour for purebred Spanish horses, Hero is a minority of buckskin PREs in the UK. As a stallion therefore he will be able to pass on his cream gene to produce buckskin on bay horses, palomino on chestnut horses and smokey black.

Hero has been turned away to mature and develop and will be lightly backed late 2017.