Marismeño C

Marismeño C

By Nardo IX out of Xicra



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About this Purebred Spanish Horse (PRE)

More aptly named Loki (God of Mischief), as Marismeño is a bit of a mouthful and he arrived from Spain as a rather unhandled and mischievous pure bred Spanish colt (PRE or Andalusian). However with a bit of patience, good handling and some ‘time-out’ with horses of his own age, he soon learned his place and quickly transformed into a truly lovely young stallion.

This is a purebred Spanish horse that attracts a lot of attention, with phenomenal extension, impulsion and suspension. At his showing debut at the Southeast Iberian Show he was Champion Colt and Supreme Show Champion, followed up by a superb achievement at the GB PRE UK Championship Breed Show, where not only did Marismeño C receive a super morphology score, he won the 3 year old PRE colt class.

He also went on to win ‘Champion PRE Colt’, and his incredible paces secured him ‘Reserve Movement Champion’ at show; an amazing accolade for a youngster and demonstration that this purebred Spanish stallion has a promising future as one of the most successful young Spanish horses in the UK.

He was lightly backed in late 2016, graded APTO in June 2017 and is now being produced.