Purebred Spanish Horses – Cross Country

purebred spanish horses cross-country

Purebred Spanish Horses – Cross Country

We love to offer our horses some variety from showing and dressage. Of course, they all get to hack out and graze but they really enjoy the opportunity to have a blast around the countryside following the hunt as well as showing off their jumping prowess by clearing a few fences.

Today we took two of our purebred Spanish stallions (Andalusians), Danes CA and Bondadoso I REY, to a local cross-country course, really demonstrating the versatility of the PRE.

We do attract a few double-takes, as PREs are not commonly found on cross-country courses, anymore than our dressage saddles, but we don’t let that hold us back 🙂

purebred spanish horses cross-country purebred spanish horses cross-country