Spanish Horses For Sale

Proven & Functional Champion Spanish Horses

We are small-scale purebred Spanish horse breeders (Andalusian horses), selecting the best PRE Spanish horses from the finest calificado bloodlines and Spanish studs to produce exceptional foals that improve the breed, going on to be successful in competition and raising the profile of purebred Spanish horses in the UK.

But we are not simply Spanish horse breeders or a PRE stud, primarily we have purebred Spanish horses to ride, compete and enjoy. All of our breeding stock, stallions and mares are functional, proven championship winning horses who are actively and successfully competing at National or International levels.

We are an award winning stud, with many UK National Championship titles at the BAPSH and GB PRE breed shows, National Movement Champions, successful qualifications to the World Championships at SICAB and International Dressage successes for the UK at the Masters du Cheval Ibérique (MCI) championships for Iberian horses.

We have home-bred Spanish youngstock available for sale and occasionally some PREs (Andalusian horses) that we have imported from Spain. See our PRE horses for sale.

Safe & Well Handled Spanish Horses for Sale

We pride ourselves on having well-handled, safe purebred Spanish horses, following principles similar to those extolled in natural horsemanship and derived from the way horses naturally interact in the wild, to ensure that our horses have respect, trust and confidence in equal measure.

Many of our Spanish foals, colts and fillies will spend time out in a herd, giving them time to develop and mature, not just physically, but also mentally, understanding and learning from each other.

With a focus on producing functional Spanish horses, we like to lightly back our youngstock at about 3 years of age and depending upon their physical development, may then turn them away again.

Where possible, we will enter our Spanish horses into shows, competitions and foreign breed classes, exposing them to new experiences, getting them used to travelling in a trailer or horse box, seeing lots of other horses, people and hopefully wearing a sash and red rosette.

Our horses are part of the family and if you buy a Spanish horse from us, it is important to us that they are well-matched to their future owners. We keep in touch with everyone who has bought our PRE horses, and we have some lovely testimonials below.

All horses that we sell are fully registered, graded APTO if aged three or more years and vaccinated. Please see our terms of sale here for more detail.


Pure Bred Spanish Horses (Andalusian Horses) For Sale